Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Naps

It was a successful Christmas back home for Oates' first Christmas with me!  There was a lot of exploring at my mom's house, sniffing here, there and everywhere.  There sure is a lot more stuff to get into at grandma's!  Luckily, we made it out with nothing destroyed, and also with a very exhausted puggle.  

The 8-12 inches of snow made for interesting trips outside to potty, and a few moments of getting stuck in a tall snow drift, but we all made it home safely, and had a great holiday.

Now Oates gets to have a few days with his pal Snickers, the dachsund corgie mix while mommy and daddy head to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for New Years!  (If we can ever get out of here!).  Here's to a wonderful 2010!  *Cheers!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snuggle for a Puggle

The snow has begun to fal li paradise, and Oates officially took his first trip out into the wintery backyard last week.
This being his second winter, there was a certain puggle curiosity about the snow, but it didn't take long for him to remember what it's like to romp and run through the mounds of white!  He let me put on his sweater without trying to eat it first, and he ran circles through the yard at full speed.
It usually takes him awhile to find 'his spot' when it's cold and snowy, so when we finally came inside, he was practically a puggle popsicle!  I decided it was time to pull out the new fleece doggie bed.  I found it at the hardware store for only $5.99!  I thought it was a great deal to try it out.
Being only a few bucks, it's not the best bed in the world, but since there is a pretty good chance Oates might decide it's a plush toy and destroy it, then, no harm, no foul really.  It wouldn't be too big of loss (unlike some of the other items that have perished, now including some tools, more shoes, a few irreplaceable christmas ornaments and two strands of Christmas lights - not plugged in thank god.)

Round One:  Puggle grabs bed, growls and runs around tripping over it and thrashing it around. -- Mom has to put it back into hiding for another time.
Round Two:  Gentle interest at first, followed by more grabbing, biting and thrashing.
Round Three:  Puggle is fast asleep.  Mom sneaks new bed out of hiding and gently places sleeping puggle in it, treat in hand for possible good behavior.
This actually worked... for about 10 minutes.  Once he woke up and realized the gold mine of fun he was sleeping in, he went back into attack mode.  So for now, the cute doggie bed will be put away again until the cute doggie can be trusted and trained, just like everything else!