Monday, February 22, 2010

Pets on Furniture


This isn't my precious puggle, but I happened to come across her cute little face on a blog I follow called designtoinspire .  They do a Monday feature called "pets on furniture" that is usually pretty adorable, and some great design pieces in there too!  It's a great break from the typical Monday dull-drums.  Check it out and enjoy!

Friday, February 5, 2010

One Year

One year ago today, was the day we brought home our darling little puggle!  Back then, they called him Marvin... This is how Oates came to be mine...

It was a cold February as I sat at my computer researching dogs.  I'd do this often wondering what kind to get, where I'd get it from and what it'd be like to finally have a dog of my own.  Growing up I had newfoundlands, and they were outside dogs.  Too big for my small humble home, and I wanted an indoor dog.

I thought about yorkies, I thought about pugs, I thought about long haired chihuahuas, but some way or another I stumbled upon puggles.  A dream come true!  I have always said I wanted a dog that looked like a puppy forever, and I felt like a puggle was pretty much the closest thing too it.

I started researching and watching petfinder for puggles.  I also really wanted to save one from a shelter, but i worried about finding that "perfect" one.  One day at work, I got a random email from a friend saying that she knew someone who knew someone who knew someone that found a puggle without a collar roaming the streets.  They had found a foster home for him, but the person keeping him could no longer handle him in his small apartment.

I immediately emailed the guy to get a picture, and when he sent it moments later, I was smitten.  He only lived a few blocks away from me, so I made plans to go over and look at "Marvin" that night after work.  I had no idea I'd be a dog owner in a few short hours.  I had planned to wait until spring when the weather was warmer, but fate happens, right?

When my boyfriend and I get there, the door opens and Marvin greets us with a happy jump and a lick.  He was excited, but no over the top.  Shortly after we came in, he calmly laid down on the floor.  I was amazed at how fast he just chilled out with us there.  After a few questions, I politely asked Marvin if he wanted to come home with us... He promptly tilted his head and wagged his tail in typical puggle fashion.  I was immediately sold.  "Can we take him now then??" I asked.  And we did.

No kennel, no dog food, no leash, no nothing - and I was a dog owner, just like that!  One year later, I couldn't be happier!  Of course we changed his name to Oates, being that he had to have a much smoother name to be a resident of Paradise... and he loves it here.  And we love him too!  Life wouldn't be the same without him.  

As an anniversary gift, I got him his first coat for outside playtime in winter.  He managed to break it in with a good sniff into the snow, and even a good roll!