Monday, August 31, 2009

Oates 'n Friends

Oates has had a few summer sleep-overs lately, a must for any young doggie I'd say. Colby the yellow lab, and our neighbor Belle the toy poodle have come over to stay recently.

It could not have been more night and day between the two...

Weekend one: Colby the Lab. He's just about Oates' age, and despite the massive (nearly 100 pound) difference in size, these two got a long like ice cream and cake! They'd play chase and keep each other company in the backyard, and Colby was totally ok with it when Oates continually lunged for his neck. It was doggie brethren bliss... like brothers from another mother.

If given the chance, I could see these two getting into some serious doggie mischief together.

Weekend Two: Belle, the Toy Poodle. Oates already knows Belle from living across the street. She's small and cute, and doesn't really like to play like Oates likes to play... She doesn't go for neck biting and wrestling. She prefers perching on the couch next to a human and generally being dainty.

As I type this, Oates is laying next to me gnawing the crap out of his paws for fun... this is the type of crude behavior that Belle does not participate in.

When Oates would try to play, Belle would take cover behind me on the couch. When Oates would try to lay down next to her, she's yap at him until he got farther away. We eventually found a happy medium between the two, but Oates is definitely no prince to the princess.

All in all, there were good times, and there were bad times... but the doggie comradery was there. An important part of any dog's life - visiting other dogs.

It has made me think though, how much of a handful is my little Oates to dog-sit? The mere fact that he enjoys running away would be enough to deter any potential dog-sitter I'd say. Runner or not, I love the little guy.

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  1. Oh i am so glad i came across your blog. oates and mr. puggle are kindred spirits. chewing, running away, ahhhhh. yes one in the same.

    love your itsybitsy cuties. if you make a puggle, i will put it on my blog if you like.

    come hang out and join the puggle posse. click on blog.

    later, jennifer