Thursday, July 8, 2010

Movin on Up

This puggle no longer lives in Westwood Paradise.

Sad.  I know.

When Oates heard we had to move, he was pretty angry at us.  The house he grew up in. The house he loved to try to escape from.  The house he called home.

And when we moved in to the new place?  He was as shaken as I was.  It's no fun.

Seriously mom... where are the wood floors and the upstairs that I can sneak up!?  You actually think I can live here??  What about your blog??  You'll have to change the subtitle!

Mom and Dad kinda felt the same, but things are working out.  Yeah, we don't have wood floors, but Oates has a great new backyard with a deck so we can hang outside with him now.  And yes... I will have to change my subtitle... but what's in a name?  Oates will always be the Puggle in Paradise, now matter what neighborhood it is. 

Tonight, Oates and I went on our first adventure into the neighborhood and it was great.  Yeah, there is no park at the end of the street now, but there are plenty of dogs around and all the streets have sidewalks!  Tonight we met a black lab, and what looked like a red puggle.  They were friendly and cute.  Then we met another dog on our own street that was a chow boxer mix... which made me realize that the red puggle looking dog from before was probably a chow boxer too.  Very cute - very puggle looking.

Are chow boxers common?  Is that weird to see two within a block and 5 minutes of each other?

We had a fun walk, and our neighborhood now lets us walk past lots of shops and restaurants for some fun new socialization.  There's lots more flowers around here too it seems.  (Very paradismic!) It's crazy the difference a mile can make.

We will miss the old place, but we're settling in just fine.  And after plenty of elbow grease and some new paint, we'll be good to go, and Oates will be making this face in no time!  Paradise has found a new home.


  1. Yes no matter when you live as long as you are loved it is Paradise! Congrads on your new home. Licks and Wags, Ariel <3